Matthew's Unwelcome Visit in Haiti

Despite the fear and the anguish that came with the preparations as we waited for Hurricane Matthew, Port au Prince was miraculously spared of major destruction.
We worried the most for those in the southwestern part of the country who would no doubt take the worst of the storm and have nowhere to go take shelter. Upon awakening Tuesday we began to receive reports of falling trees and roofs blown off in the mountains directly above Port-au-Prince. Soon we started getting photos on social media of what was happening in those ares. However, there was only silence from those provinces on the Southern peninsula of the country. All communications had been cut off…

It was only during the afternoon of Wednesday that the news started filtering in; the cities of Les Cayes, Jeremie, Port Salut and scores of smaller coastal villages had been heavily damaged or worse. The aftermaths will prove to be even more difficult as all the agriculture such as breadfruit, plantains, coffee etc. have been wiped out. Terrible news in one of the few areas of the country which was relatively self-sufficient in feeding themselves.

This will soon become another humanitarian crisis. We will try to keep you posted on the progress as much as possible.

As far as we know, there have been at least 500 deaths reported form the storm. They will need clean drinking water now just for survival. Over 90% of the homes and buildings were devastated. There is nothing left!  The rivers where rural Haitians usually source their contaminated drinking water is now just a river of mud. They need help!

Things you can do to help:

Donate – go to and donate to Aqua Haiti Fund. Our team in Haiti can get to those in need as quick as possible. The idea is to send emergency WATER bottles as soon as possible. We will buy from our local water bottling plant in Port-au-Prince at a big discount and have it trucked down south ASAP. We will keep you posted on how much $ has been donated for this effort.

Buy – Our products. The more we sell, the more we produce, the more jobs will be created, which will lead to a greater impact on the incomes of the local workforce and the Haitian ecomnomy as a whole. Additionally we will be able to provide more water to those in need with the profits from Simbi.

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Thank you,

Team Simbi Haiti