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Haiti Heritage Cookbook

Haiti Heritage Cookbook

"I have never yet encountered a Haitian, in Haiti or elsewhere who is not prideful of the country's cuisine." - Marc Lee Steed

About The Book

This book provides a truly local perspective of Haitian cuisine, giving readers an in-depth view of the history behind each dish featured.

You will also find easy to follow recipes to create your very own, mouthwatering, delectable, Haitian meals, from wherever you are!

About Haitian Cuisine

Haitian cuisine is as unique and diverse as the blend of cultures of the people who inhabited the island throughout history:

  • Native Americans (locally named Taïno) left their traces in the use of corn, peppers, beans, cacao, manioc and pumpkin.
  • French and Spanish colonists brought along livestock, coffee, bananas, rice and citrus, and more.
  • Pirates and buccaneers transmitted their method of grilling meat over open wood fires which we now call barbecue.
  • Our African ancestors passed on the use of coconut milk for seafood and vegetable dishes. 

About The Creator

Marc Lee Steed is a freelance photographer born and raised in Haiti. He completed his higher education at SMU in Dallas, Texas, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in communications. After working in New York City for some years, he returned home to Haiti and began a career as a social documentary photographer. This type of work has permitted him to crisscross Haiti, further developing his passion for documenting his homeland from an insider's perspective.

End Note

This book is dedicated to all Haitian mothers who passed along our values and identity through the diverse tastes of our cuisine. More particularly, to those even far from Haiti, who passed their love of the country to their children and grandchildren through cuisine.

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Bette Gebrian
Outstanding photographic gem celebrating Haitian culture and food in English and French

Mr. Steed created a fine book that has been quite popular since it was released. It is a positive look into Haiti and her customs and beauty. I highly recommend it!

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