Men's Ridge Fire Pit Black Bracelet

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  • Hand Stamped Charms H20/Simbi
  • 1/2″ Clay Beads Baked in Banana Leaf
  • Naturally Occurring Hue
  • Hand-Rolled Clay Ridge Beads
  • Light Weight “Cool to the Skin” Feel
  • Vegan and Unisex
  • Ocean Approved (rinse with fresh water for a longer life)

      Handmade in Haiti

The Simbi Clay collection is made with pure clay harvested in the mountains of Haiti. The beads of Simbi Clay are 100% organic, vegan, and biodegradable, thus nurturing the earth's cycle of life. The Fire Pit Black Clay beads get their unique color through an ancient process. Beads are baked under banana leaves, in a charcoal fire pit, until they achieve their desired color.  Each bronze charm is hand stamped.

1 clay bracelet supports 15 sustainable jobs and provides clean water to the people of Haiti.

Simbi is a mission based, socially conscious company with handmade products that are eco-friendly and artisan crafted.

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