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Almond Scrub

Almond Scrub

The Simbi scrubs collection is continuing Simbi’s mission to save lives.

DID YOU KNOW? 1.8 million children under 5 die from waterborne disease.

WE WANT TO HELP. 50% of those deaths can be prevented using soap.

Our Essential Oils are sourced in Haiti, chosen for their unique healing properties.

o   Almond: Softening – Moisturizing

o   Moringa + Amyris: Detoxifying - Anti-inflammatory – Relaxing

o   Coffee + Cacao: Anti-cellulite - Antioxidant – Exfoliator

o   Coconut: Skin firming - Acne treating – Moisturizing

o   Citrus + Ginger: Sebum regulating - Purifying - Anti-inflammatory

o   Aloe Vera + Amyris – Ixora: Anti-inflammatory - Moisturizing

Upcycled products made in collaboration with Anacaona