Fire Pit Black Pipeline Beaded Bracelet

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  • 1/4″ Hand Painted and Distressed beads
  • Hand Stamped Charms H20/Simbi
  • Adjustable Leather Cord
  • For Guys and Gals
  • Ocean Approved (rinse with fresh water for a longer life)

      Handmade in Haiti with 💙

Our Pipeline Beaded Bracelets are creating big waves for guys and gals who live for the ocean.

The Simbi Clay collection is made with pure clay harvested in the mountains of Haiti. The beads of Simbi Clay are 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable, thus nurturing the earth's cycle of life.  The Fire Pit Black Clay beads get their unique color through an ancient process. Beads are baked under banana leaves, in a charcoal fire pit, until they achieve their desired color. Each bronze charm is hand stamped.

1 clay necklace supports 15 sustainable jobs and provides clean water to the people of Haiti.

Simbi is a mission based, socially conscious company with handmade products that are eco-friendly and artisan crafted.