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Though we love to make our own facial masks, as to be as gentle on our bodies, as on the earth, travel and a frantic work schedule make it impossible to always be able to whip up a facial smoothie. With a dozen women on our staff, each with her unique skin needs, but united in wanting to use products that are free of artificial dyes, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol and other words that are best left to Scrabble, we have found a company that shares our values, is free of unpronounceable chemicals and makes our skin glow like the blush of first love.

Of course, we first discovered Caudalíe in France, where the brand was born on a, (where else), winery. Before we learned of their commitment to the environment, and genius on site spa waste water purification system to water their gardens, we knew only this: our skin had never felt more hydrated, or looked less blotchy. Of course, we all have a “must have” product that would be the one that we would take if marooned on an island. These are the top 5 products that our staff finally settled on:

  • Our Style Editor doesn’t wear makeup and is quite lazy about her skin. This same woman would rather walk on broken shells than be without her Grape Water. Not only does she always have it within her reach, she mists us all with it when we are traveling, as she feels that long flights are more skin punishing than the sun.
  • Our Creative Director and co-founder was blessed with gorgeous skin. However, she is devout to the Premier Cru line, and swears by the Premier Cru Elixir. Light, which is perfect for Haiti, she claims that this would be The One product she could never do without. Other products didn’t allow her skin to “breathe” under her make-up. This does.
  • My favorite Caudalíe line is Vinoperfect, (though I confess to having the most of their products, with something from every line). Having spent years as a tennis player, I am religious about wearing sun screen. The Vinoperfect Radiance SPF20 is oil free, doesn’t feel like anything on my skin, and protects me when I’m out in the sun. Of all the SPF products I have tried, this is the lightest feeling, non-pore clogging one that I have found. I also like it’s delicate smell.
  • Our Director of Sales has been doing masks since High School. Sleepovers meant that you would be covered in clay or cucumber peels while watching a John Hughes film. Today, her $3 dollar one pack masks have been replaced by the Instant Detox Mask that won an Elle International Beauty Award this year. To be honest, we all thought that our Sales Director would grow up to be in the beauty business. If she says that this is THE mask, we trust her even more than Elle. With our deepest respect, of course.
  • Our Director of Operations is rather like our Style Editor in that she prefers a natural look, and rarely wears makeup. However, as meticulous about her skin, as she is about business, she uses Caudalíe Instant Foaming Cleanser every night and morning. We began doing the same when she always looked fresher than we did for early meetings. We have found that most cleansers can be drying, and require a moisturizer afterwards. This cleanser cleans, yet somehow hydrates. Magic.

We have not been been compensated in any way to sing the praises of Caudalíe, we just adore this Brand, respect their commitment to a healthier planet, and are “grapefull” for what their products have done for our skin.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. We can’t think of a better beauty gift for your mother or you, as a mother. Wait. Actually, we can! Caudalíe has spas! A trip to one of their boutique or destination spas will make this Mother’s Day one to remember. (Hint, hint to our husbands and children that are reading this.)

Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day xo

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