One of our proudest partnerships is with dloHaiti, a business organization tackling unsanitary water conditions with a market based solution in both Haiti and India.


(Left Image: CEO of DloHaiti, Jim Chu, explaining how the ins and outs of Watering Minds; Right Image: Students from L'École Nationale de Saintard enjoying purified safe drinking water)



We joined forces in 2014 to create an innovative water program: Watering Minds; which ensures local schools have daily access to clean water for their students. To date, Watering Minds provides the necessary clean water for 3 schools in Port-au-Prince.


In 2011, our first water filtration “F Series” system installed by Life Giving Force LLC, in the City Jeremie Slum located in downtown Port-ai-Prince. This water filtration system was donated by the owners of Simbi and has played an active part in reducing the number of deaths there during the height of the cholera outbreak. “Cases of cholera dropped from 80/day to 5/day after the filtration system was installed.”

The filtration system continues to work daily and provides purified water to the clinic, school, and families of the neighborhood slum.

The Cholera crisis just before the filtration system was installed: