Aqua Haiti

Aqua Haiti is a non-profit foundation based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, created to support, promote, and finance installation of water purification systems throughout the country, as nearly 70% of its population lacks access to clean water. It was founded by the owners of Simbi® after the devastating earthquake and cholera outbreak of 2010 to help further the cause of employing and supporting their beloved community through clean water and empowerment.

Each SIMBI sold provides Haitians with sustainable jobs and helps raise money to provide cleant water to those in need.


If you would like to make a direct donation to Simbi®’s charity Aqua Haiti, please click on the Donate button below. We will make sure your generous support is put to good use purifying water for many Haitians. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


To date we have:

Water Purified:  20,000,000 Gallons

Jobs Supported:  250 and counting

Aqua Haiti is a non-profit foundation based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Founded by the owners of Simbi USA Inc., Aqua Haiti was created to support, promote and finance water purification throughout the country. Eighty percent of the Haitian population lives in poverty with more than 70% having no access to clean water. The foundation is funded through a portion of proceeds donated from sales of Simbi fashion apparel and accessories. Each and every Simbi item sold provides funding to purify at least 1 gallon of water per day, enough to support two people.


School children receiving SIMBI water donations.


Watering Minds

One of our proudest partnerships is with dloHaiti We have teamed up to create the charitable water program, Wtering Minds, which ensures that local schools have clean water to provide to their students every day. We bagan this in 2014 and has been a great success. Please follow the link to see out progress.

The Aqua Haiti foundation has paid for and installed two water filtration systems to date. The first $20,000 system was installed in a clinic in Wharf Jeremie, the second largest slum in Port-au-Prince at the height of the Cholera outbreak. In addition to filtration, water is physically delivered daily by trucks (over 10,000 gallons) to help offset the shortage of access to clean water. A second system was installed at an orphanage in Montrouis, a small seaside community located 60 miles north of Port-au-Prince. Clean water is not only provided to the orphanage but is also available to the local community at a minuscule cost. Most recently, through Aqua Haiti’s affiliation with DloHaiti, a for-profit venture providing safe drinking water to underserved areas of Haiti through a decentralized water purification and distribution model, the foundation is able to bring awareness and education of the importance of filtered water and proper hydration. DloHaiti Water Kiosks deliver filtered water to surrounding approved schools, where each classroom receive 1 jug of clean water a day, enough for an entire classroom of children.

Our first water filtration “F Series” system installed by Life Giving Force LLC.

Pictured here are Sister Marcella and Bobbi Dunphy, form Life Giving Force, in City Jeremie slum, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This water filtration system was donated by the owners of Simbhaiti and played an active part in reducing the number of deaths during the height of the cholera outbreak. “Cases of cholera dropped from 80/day to 5/day after filtration system was installed.” It continues to work daily and provides purified water to the clinic, school, and families of the neighborhood slum



Simbi's workshop in Haiti goes solar:

Video describing the crisis just before the system was installed:

Sister Marcella’s thank you video: