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 Aloha Water Lovers !

We are so excited to be releasing our first promo video: “Fingerprints”, which was shot in a few of the local Haitian schools we support through our collaboration with dloHaiti. Our hope is to honor all the wonderful people that are able to bring our handmade Simbi clay bracelets to life! So when you wear a Simbi, look closely for the fingerprints left by the hands of its creator, which make our bracelets as unique as you.

Our mission is to empower the Haitian people through job creation and distribution of clean water. But we also want YOU to feel empowered, knowing that you are also touching these people's lives. This video also serves as a message to thank everyone supporting us and the beautiful souls that you allow us to touch. Our work has been made possible because you believe in Simbi and the causes we stand for.

This is a video about us and about you.

Thank You,

Simbi Family


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