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Simbi Boutique Fashion was launched with the intention to make our consumer feel both elegant and comfortable by using high quality linen, lightweight cotton and a touch of class. The Simbi Fashion collection is for adults of all ages who want to enjoy wearing an elegant yet well-crafted piece of clothing to lounge at home, on the beach, or on a hot summer day grilling in their back yard. The embroidery for our Simbi Fashion collection is handmade in a village called “La Vallée de Jacmel” which lies near the southern coastal town of Jacmel. Over 100 years ago a congregation of catholic nuns from Belgium introduced the embroidery to the community. Today it is embedded as a proud tradition that is being passed from generation to generation.

The Simbi Fashion line is conceived, designed, cut, sewn, and proudly handcrafted in Haiti in an effort to bring jobs, improve and empower the lives of the women in Haiti.


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