Simbi Original Hair Ties

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Simbi Originals were created after the destructive earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Looking for a way to help out the people of Haiti, Simbi decided to create a fashion product that also incorporates our fundamental goals: to purify water and sustainable job creation. Each Simbi sold purifies one gallon of water per day for a person in Haiti, which has totaled to date of over 20 million gallons. With the ability to provide clean water in the Port-Au Prince region, the cases of Cholera have also been reduced dramatically!

Our Simbi Originals are inspired by Haitian art, culture, architecture, and spirit, which give our hair-tie/bracelet a unique and timeless look.  With each bracelet being hand cut and tied in Haiti, they offer a one of kind, individualistic hair-tie/bracelet with a practical fashion use. Our Originals are great for outdoor recreation or indoor downtime, providing a great hair hold feature while not creasing or pulling your hair out!

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