Egg on Your Face

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Here, in the tropics, we know that the best facial is a swim in the sea. We also know that being in love, and happy, cause a glow that no product or Doctor ever could.  Daily kissed by the sun, we our proud of our laugh lines, as they remind us that we have never shoveled even an ounce of snow, and the only “pale” we know - is the one that we shovel sand into. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy a facial treatment as much as the next girl!  We just know that making it ourselves is more fun, healthy and natural.

As millions of eggs are dyed, decorated and hidden this weekend, we wanted to share our favorite tropical hydrating facial with you. We know that you have the eggs to spare, and hope that you have an avocado and small yogurt about. You’ll need a moment to yourself over Easter weekend, (we know we do!), so here is your excuse to escape the cooking and hostessing for a brief moment.

All you’ll need is one egg yolk, 1/4 an avocado, and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Mix these three ingredients until smooth, and apply to your face for 15 minutes. After you wash the mask off: Voila! You will have the same glow as after an unexpected kiss. Your skin will be more nourished and hydrated, and you’ll be even more ready to celebrate the weekend with All. That. Family. Yes. We understand.

Happy Easter!

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