Mon Égérie (My Muse) # 2: Jane Birkin

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Mon Égérie: Jane Birkin (Je t'aime moi non plus)

Who she is:

No. She isn’t French - she’s British! Model, Fashion Icon, Actress, Singer, Muse, Mother and Philanthropist. We especially like that last bit.

Why we Love her:

Jane has always been a free spirit. She first became know to many of us romantics as the epitome of such. She, and Serge Gainsbourg, had the passionate, creative and non-traditional relationship that we admired and, (let’s admit it), wanted. We also loved that she was completely herself. This was never, nor is, a woman who would ever need Pinterest as “inspiration”.


How she inspired us:

Perhaps it wasn’t one outfit - but an approach about “wearing” - that we have always adored about Jane. She used to wear a kerchief around her her wrist, like a bracelet. Why? Why not. And as fans of arm candy, we have added our own approach to do
ing the same.

Charity: Oh, dear. Many!

Why she would love Haiti:

Clearly, Jane - an icon - could prance about being just that. But, she does not. We think that she would find kindred spirits here, in beautiful Haiti, where more fortunate women seek to better the lives of those less so. Especially for women and children. Our relentless dream of clean water for every Haitian would appeal to our fellow idealist and philanthropist.

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

We think that “Amour” would most appeal to her.

If we had one question:

Your only legal marriage ended before we were born. What are your thoughts on marriage?

- CD

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