Mon Égérie (My Muse) # 1: Inès de La Fressange

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Mon Égérie: Inès de La Fressange

Who she is:

She was Lagerfelds muse, when she became ours. The epitome of Effortless French Chic, Inès is the reason we all bought our first Chanel flats, have too many blue blazers, and spend our summers in bateau shirts and white chinos. It was all so simple. Buy well. Buy basics. And then: accessorize at will.

Why we Love her:

Honestly? She made it so much easier to pack. A few staples + your own accessories - et voila! Check in only!

How she inspired us:

Yes, she is a model and muse well into...her non 20’s. But she is also a mother, author, designer and business woman - who gives back. That’s what we all want to be when we grow up.

Charity: Cancer

Why she would love Haiti:

Inès loves the sea, and speaks, (évident!), French. We also think that she would love the accessories and made to your foot beach shoes that our clever artisans make. A fan of the unique, we think we have quite a few bits and bobs that would delight her.

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

When we paired our waterproof clay bracelets with a typical Inès summer ensemble - we thought the red bracelet made the right amount of pop! Especially on balmy days when a red kerchief may be too hot

If we had one question:

What are your thoughts on fishnet tights under trousers?


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