Mon Égérie (My Muse) #5: Emmanuelle Alt

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Mon Égérie: Emmanuelle Alt

Who she is:

Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Paris

Why we Love her:

Clever, casual, chic and a jean lover, like someone in our office. Her look says “I’m too busy running a magazine to dress for lurking photographers”. We also like that she doesn’t “pose”. We strongly suspect that she isn’t a selfie taker.


How she inspired us:

Emmanuelle wears a uniform of boyfriend shirt + jacket + trousers. We are big fan of “uniforms”, which allow us the time to focus on things that are actually important. When all of your closet works together, you don’t have to.

Charity: Emmanuelle is a contributor and supporter of celebrity style auctions that benefit a variety of charities.

Why she would love Haiti:

Again, we find that we are inspired by a French girl that wouldn’t have much difficulty understanding our Creole. We would like to think that our colorful isle would inspire a Summer editorial, and that she would allow us to help her stylists. (A girl can dream.)

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

With her formidable collection of jeans, and obvious taste for arm candy, we think that our various green hued clay bracelets would look gorgeous with her military jackets. (She may actually have more than our military jacket collecting Style Editor. But, it would be close.)

If we had one question:

Who makes your favorite button down?

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