Mon Égérie (My Muse) for Mothers's Day: India Hicks

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Mon Égérie: India Hicks

Who she is:

The mum that we aspire to be: Woman with flawless style leaves a rainy isle for a sunny one. Becomes mum, (several times over), creates a business that we island mums are particular fans of, and somehow still manages to look like a “just-here-on-holiday” uni student.  Yes, she is a true aristo. But, her grace, work ethic, mumming and utter lack of pretension are what we believe make her a true blue blood.

Why we Love her:

What is the antithesis of vulgar? She’s that.

How she inspired us: 

Mums who run businesses, all the while doing all the things that must be done for her family, are our favorite. Whilst we live in an age where many Social Medialies their lives - we are comforted that India is completely herself, with no need for approval. (Right. We’ll be brutally honest: we are also slightly covetous of India’s Classic English Rose beauty. Honestly. Please may we have her cheekbones?!)

Charity: Too many to mention.

Why she would love Haiti: 

A fellow equestrian, we think that India may enjoy a sunrise hack about our beautiful mountains and beaches, and that she would be inspired by the color, art, and handmade accessories that are to be found on every road and bend of our magical island.

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

Simbi linen! We honestly can not think of another that would look more natural in our Cyrile Tank. We would add a few gray and white Simbi Clay Bracelets. Well. 5, actually. One, for her every child. 

If we had one question: 

What does your family do for you for Mother’s Day? And, do you celebrate just British, or American Mother’s Day, as well?

-- CD

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