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Philanthropy Fridays: Simbi Haiti --

Happy Philanthropy Friday! The one day a week we highlight philanthropic people and organizations that are doing great things for the world! This Fridays philanthropy is doing amazing things for the people of Haiti They sell stylish and easy to use hairbands all benefiting efforts to purify Haiti’s drinking water and along side “We Advance,” empower the women of Haiti.

They are Simbi Haiti.

Not only does each Simbi Sold create jobs for the people of Haiti but it also creates one gallon of purified water. “During the earthquake, Haiti’s already weak health, social, and economic situation was hard hit. Then, last year we suffered a cholera outbreak, as many Haitians have no access to clean drinking water. In Haiti, Simbi is a water spirit. She is called upon to facilitate solutions to problems. Therefore, we feel it is only appropriate to call upon Simbi hair-bracelets to help bring clean water to a population in desperate need. Each hair-bracelet sold keeps Haitians employed and helps raise money to install water filtration systems throughout the country, saving lives.” -Si

Simbi was nice enough to send me a packet of these beautiful hair bands to test them out and, I have to say, I will never go back to regular hairbands. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. You have your hair up in the perfect, pulled back pony tail. You go to pull the band off and with a shriek of pain you slowly pull off your hairband it’s basically ripping off every single stand of hair on your delicate head. But you do it every time and you expect it every time. With these bands its smooth sailing every time.

Another plus? They don’t look like hairbands. My pageant coach always yells at me (out of love) for having those black ugly hairbands on my wrist during events. But when you wear a Simbi hairband it looks more like a bracelet than anything else! They come in a bunch of cool colors and patterns too. You can learn more about Simbi and but their hairbands at Try them out and let me know what you think? I would love to hear from you guys! Have a fun weekend!

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