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We are fortunate to live on half of a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. To the West, is our equally enchanted neighbor: Cuba, with whom we share more than the sun and sea. (Fact: Haitian-Creole is the next most spoken language in Cuba after Spanish!) As this week featured a historic meeting betwixt our neighbor, and the United States, we thought that we would offer our thoughts on Peace, as we felt it an idea important enough to be one of the few that we stamp on our bracelets.

People travel from all over the world to visit any number of the thousands of sun drenched islands that sprung from the depths of the Caribbean Sea. These people are not visiting for the sun, palm trees or healing waves - as these are found on all but one continent. No. They are seeking Peace. The millions of visitors that step upon the sand of these islands are seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle, noise, and non-stopness of their lives that they feel they can find here. Where before there were pirates seeking treasures of spices or gold, there are now people who seek a modern treasure: Peace.

A few of our fellow islands, as many nations dotted across this small globe, are also seeking Peace. The traveller’s that visit our Caribbean return home (mostly), but many in this world can not return home. For that is a place where there is no longer Peace.


Just as we do our little bit to allow children, (and their parents), Peace of mind for their health, that is only possible where there is clean water, we hope that a short visit to the Caribbean, to Cuba, will also be a step toward a greater Peace. A Pax Cubana, if you will.

Peace. Like Love, the world can never have enough.


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