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Scrub Up
We frequently visit our wonderful Clients in sun drenched coastal towns. As we live between Haiti and Florida, we know a thing or two about how wonderful, yet punishing, the sun and chlorine can be to our skin and hair. One of our favorite customers recently asked how we kept our skin and hair looking like we lived on a “misty moor in England”. That made us laugh. So, these next few home remedies that can be used on your face, hair, and cooking, are dedicated for her.

We hate the the term “age spots”. We prefer “freckles”. But, semantics aside, this is how the women in our tribe have managed to avoid them. (Note: this will not work for actual freckles. Those are just angel kisses that you need to embrace.)

1) When Life Gives You Lemons

Dissolve unbleached brown sugar with the juice of one or two lemons. Apply. Concentrate on any darker spots. Leave on for no more than 10 minutes and wash off. Only use this scrub up to twice a week. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to add honey to the mixture. We like Manuka honey.
2) Butter Me Up

Well. This honestly couldn’t be any easier. Soak organic cotton balls in…yes, clever you: buttermilk. You can tab this on your face, but do be sure to stay near the sink. It drips. We sometimes add Turmeric to the buttermilk, but it stains. Mercilessly. As buttermilk is so mild, you can do this as often as you like.

3) Sour Puss
If you have oily skin, this “spot remover” may become your favorite. (As you may end up smelling like a salad, we don’t recommend this treatment for date nights.) Mix honey and either apple cider, or coconut vinegar, to soak your cotton balls. (Vinegar fumes can annoy the eyes, so careful there.) Dab and leave on for up to 10 minutes before washing off. (If you don’t like the smell of the vinegar, a quick rise with rose water will rid you of it.)

4)  Sticky Situation

Aloe Vera. It’s one our favorite plants, as we use it for everything, and have many around the office. Try to use a fresh leaf. Break it open and use the gooey magic as a spot treatment. You can do this twice a day, as the substance is so mild. Take a
before and after picture. In a month, you WILL notice that your spots have faded. Sensitive skin responds especially well to this treatment.

5) Smooth Moves

This is our favorite facial, because after you make it, you can eat the rest! Papaya. Make a mash of papaya, which you can add “adhesiveness” to with honey, and apply for up to 10 minutes. After you wash your delicious smelling face, you will not only glow, but you’ll have a lovely, and healthy treat awaiting,
A Hairy Situation

One of our staff made a mistake that many of us have made. She over processed her hair, and then didn’t prepare or treat it for the additional damage caused by chlorine. (In Florida, pools are as ubiquitous as mosquitos.) From a silky mane to…hair in desperate need of help.

If your hair has gone to a crisp, do not fear. There are three oils that we adore for conditioning that can be used alone, or in combination: coconut, olive and almond. (In a mist bottle, we also like to use these before we go into the sea.)

Get a towel that you are willing to sacrifice. Apply one, or a combination of all the oils to your hair, and wrap in said sacrificial towel. (A wet warm one works best.) Leave on for as at least half an hour. If your hair feels a bit greasy after the treatment, use a wee bit of apple cider vinegar, or beer, to rinse. This treatment is best used only once a week. In a month or so, you’ll have noticeably shinier hair, and your new growth will be healthier as well.

We love the sea and sun. But we also know that (natural) steps must be taken to keep us looking our Simbi best.

Simbi love,


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