Mon Égérie (My Muse) # 4: Charlotte Rampling

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Mon Égérie: Charlotte Rampling

Who she is:

A British model slash singer slash proper actress, swinging 60’s icon, Charlotte Rampling was who our mothers wanted to be. (Our fathers would not have minded.)

Why we Love her:

The quintessential English Rose, Charlotte has aged naturally and beautifully. She’s the reason we will never get our eyes “done.” She also transcended her “kitten” phase to become a seasoned and highly acclaimed actress. In a “LOOK AT ME!” world, we love that she is almost feline in her attention avoidance.

How she inspired us:

Her maturing gracefully with #nofilters, reminds us that we should look forward to seeing who we actually are. Oh. And her favorite place her bed. (Us too.)

Charity: Many, but smaller local ones in her community.

Why she would love Haiti:

Charlotte loves France and her beaches. She speaks our language, enjoys a peaceful beach spared of glittery hotels, and can’t be bothered with “scenes”. Plus, we would love to show her our solar panels, as she is a staunch supporter of a mitigated carbon footprint.

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

Anything black. Simbi Luxe leathers, may suit best. They are perfect for her “uniform” of the black trouser and smoking suit. Something, but nothing showy.

If we had one question:

Did you ever have your own style Icon? If so, whom?

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