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Simbi MUM’S

Recently we wrote about our Mum Muse for Mother’s Day - a woman who left her home in England, to live on (another) island, raise a family, and begin her business.

Our Style Editor asked that I jot down a few thoughts about having done the same.

Just a few, as I’m German.

So. I was born in NY from German immigrants. It was cold. And yes, I wore “Heidi” plaits/braids.

My family eventually moved us to Florida, (where I met our Style Editor in Grade 6. This article was her idea).

Eventually I grew up and went to uni in Washington D.C., where I met my future husband.

I married young, and began a family. My husband is Haitian, so off to my new home we went. Though I had a degree in Business, it was important for me to “stay home”, and raise my daughter, and two sons. My degree in business and organization was the perfect one to prepare me for the Family Management that I practiced for the next decade and a half.

I fell in love with my new home, and especially the almost mystical art - which prompted me to to become a Haitian Art dealer for a time, while still maintaining primary presence at home.

Eventually, my “babies”, grew up. As my two eldest trotted off to uni, and my youngest spent more time with his horses than mama, (he’s off to the Junior Olympics next year!), I knew that my life would change.

Then. The earthquake. Shattering. Life altering. Heart breaking. Inspiring.

As the earth trembled and shook our island to her core - so did it shake me to mine.

From the rubble: my new foundation. I would finally use my uni degree, my life of “management”, my love of art and Haitian style - and my broken heart for the children that did not have access to the clean water that my own children did, to create a business that would purify water, and provide jobs for other mothers. So. That’s my mother’s day story. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! Especially to all the mums that make Simbi, clean water and an even brighter future for Haiti possible. Bòn fèt a tout manman yo!


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