Mon Égérie (My Muse) #8 : Aymeline Valade

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Mon Égérie: Aymeline Valade


Who she is:

French model/actress that we imagine Hitchcock would have fallen in love with

Beautiful, in that untouchable cool Grace Kelly blond kind of way, talented, in that everything-comes-easy-to-me way, and a lover of “boy” shoes, (as are we), Aymeline is our “Annie Hall”.Why we Love her:

How she inspired us:

We adore the masculine chic look. Though we confess to having worn our share of Laura Ashley in our youth, when Calvin Klein and Armani hit the scene, we knew. Out went florals and prints, and off to our dads closets we went. In high school, we bought shoes and jeans in the boys department. Our lifelong obsession for the perfect blue blazer, smoking jacket and leather jacket, began in earnest. It hasn’t ended.

Charity: The AEM Association Children Of The World For Rwanda

Why she would love Haiti:

Haiti is a tricky place to wear heels, so Aymeline can leave the few that she owns at home. She also supports children’s charities, so we think that she may like a tour of the orphanages for which we purify water.

What piece we want to see her wear Simbi with:

Gray clay. The perfect color for a blond, and a girl that wears as much black as we do. (We didn’t think that was possible.)

If we had one question:

Can we do a collaboration with you? Pretty please?

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